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GBFM Membership

Members enjoy provider listings in our directory, attendance to functional medicine events, referral and networking opportunities, access to our private forums, and more.

GBFM Annual Membership

Renew by December 1st and enjoy a discounted rate of $49 per provider!

Group (per provider)

$ 49 / year

Per Listing

Regular Rate of $79 per provider listed in directory. Applicable for group practices with 2 or more providers.

Single Provider

$ 49 / year

Per Listing

Regular Rate of $99 per provider listing. Applicable for individual practitioners signing up and creating 1 listing.

Membership Benefits


The ability to connect and share ideas with like-minded practitioners throughout New England, offering unique ways to care for or refer your most complex patients.


Referral networks of trustworthy providers who share similar values when it comes to patient care, and a network of colleagues offering their specialized services.

Educational Meetups

Quarterly meetings that offer relevant and important information, as well as significant discounts and exclusive access to aligned regional events and educational opportunities.

Provider Directory

Custom provider directory listing, promoting your practice location, areas of expertise, and other identifiable information to help make you more identifiable to new patients so you can grow your practice.

Quarterly Raffle

Every quarter, members are entered into a drawing which allows them the opportunity to win a gift basket that includes supplements from one of our 3 key supplement sponsors, along with other goodies!


Being a provider with a unique approach to medicine shouldn’t be an isolating experience. We offer a sense of community where open minds share ideas on alternative medical therapies to better enhance patient outcomes and quality of life.

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