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We're Functional Medicine Providers

We are Greater Boston Functional Medicine, connecting providers to each other and the patients looking for the type of care they provide.

The Practice of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine therapies are aimed at discovering and addressing the root causes of symptoms and promoting whole-body health and wellness. Specialty diagnostic laboratory testing allows for accurate and comprehensive assessment of the root cause(s) of dis-ease, providing the foundation for targeted interventional care.

Functional medicine specialists are trained in the interpretation of these specialty lab tests, which allow them to prescribe dietary and lifestyle interventions that restore balance.

Practitioners also may layer in a combination of acupuncture, nutritional supplementation, compounded formulations, bio-identical hormones, and conventional pharmaceuticals to complement food-based interventions and physical activity.

Additionally, various integrative modalities may be prescribed to further the healing process, including but not limited to photo biomodulation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), infrared sauna, ozone therapy, neurofeedback, ketamine, intravenous nutrition, massage, reiki, yoga, and more.

Our Mission

With our patients in mind, Greater Boston Functional Medicine aims to provide a network for health care practitioners and students interested in the field of functional medicine; to advance the functional medicine provider community through collaboration and education; and, to improve public awareness of medicine that aims to identify the root cause of health concerns and the appropriate targeting of interventional therapies for restoration of normal healthy function.

Our Vision

The Greater Boston Functional Medicine group will be preeminent in: educating members and students to be exemplary providers in functional health care for diverse populations; advancing innovative models of  functional medicine based health care through multidisciplinary teamwork; and creating and translating knowledge to improve health through unique provider and public education programs


Our History and Sponsors

We organized as a group in 2016 to share knowledge,  provide support, and  create community for functional medicine and lifestyle medicine practitioners of all types. We became a non-profit in 2017 to encourage membership and unbiased educational programming for both providers and the public.

Our group collaborates among health care practitioners, pharmacies, laboratories, supplement companies, and industry groups. We endeavor to build bridges between the functional, integrative, and allopathic care models.

The sponsorship of the GBFMG by Johnson Compounding, Integrative Therapeutics, Ortho Molecular, and XYMOGEN/WholeScripts plays an important role in in the success and growth of this volunteer, membership-based 501c6 organization. Their generosity of time and financial support is greatly appreciated.

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